When one rows, it is not the rowing that moves the ship: rowing is only the magical ceremony by means of which one compels a demon to move the ship.

- Nietzsche

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Oariginals grew out of our desire to creatively celebrate the many compelling facets of rowing. We came to rowing as adults, and found the sport captivating and the comraderie stimulating. But, when we looked for ways to express our affiliation to our newfound passion, we found very little. In fact, Nancy Klein - our resident artist - was often called upon to create cards for our coaches and fellow rowers. We decided that others might also enjoy Nancy's creations and Oariginals was born. And now we've adapted Nancy's art to other forms, with prints, and temporary tattoos. Jane is indulging her loves of both fire and water through handcrafted sterling silver rowing jewelry, and plans to keep expanding her line and building her skills as a silversmith.

We hope you'll find something here to tickle your fancy. We plan to continue adding to our selection (stationery and more!), so do check back from time to time to see what we've come up with.

Happy rowing!

- Nancy and Jane


Oariginals - Rowing beyond the boathouse

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